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To submit your content, email or use a file sharing service such as Google Drive or WeTransfer to send to


We are happy to to invite you to be a part of the Festival this year. There are several ways for you to do this.


1. Your school has decided to submit a scripted play or an original play and you are a part of it. The school is working on filming it.


2. You have created a a play and you are working with other actors and plan to record it for the Virtual Festival.


3. You and other actors are planning to present and film a short scene for the Virtual Festival.


4. You are planning to record and submit a monologue for the Virtual Festival.


We are asking that you submit any/all of the above by April 27th. If you are having trouble meeting the deadline, message us and we make arrangements for you to submit.


We are also encouraging any students who would like to submit a song or dance number to us . We will have a Variety Show on Friday night of the Festival and use all of these.

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